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The Portfolio of Justin Simoni


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Flattened Origami Paintings

Origami is a relatively new way for solving geometric and calculus problems. I'm investigating complex painting compositions and color relationships by simply folding square pieces of paper.


"And Dodd, Jul. ", January 2005 Installation at Pod/Capsule.

"Step Out", July 2004 Installation at The Assembly


"fold, bend, crease, close, collapse - crash.", May Installation, Andenken Gallery, 2' x 10' x 10'

My paintings are composed of 6 folds per canvas. This is to correspond to three primary colors used, plus three secondary colors. A shape's color is determined by the width of each colored line.

The outcome is a unique and interesting color composition that can be explained and demonstrated using a simple piece of paper.

Using multiples of one composition and installing them in various ways, a larger composition can be created that relates to the first.


#1 (Quilt)

#2 (Tie Dye)

#3 (Hard Edge)

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March 25, 2004: Flattened Origami, Tessellations and Multidimensional Space. - (Skazat entry)
July 7, 2004: Het installeren van Mijn Stijl - (Skazat entry)